Our Mission Statement: To Maintain a “Home from Home” residence for Low Dependency Older Persons, offering a warm, safe, secure and friendly service, with the involvement of staff and volunteers in a Caring and Sharing environment.


Mary: Family Member

"In Rosedale we found the best care and security for our father. It is a welcoming and friendly environment and we are constantly advised of any changes in his behaviour or condition.”

James: Family Member

"My sister is a resident at Rosedale and she is very content and happy there. She is well cared for by the competent staff who are attentive, friendly and kind to her at all times.”

Maureen: Family Member

“My mother Anne has been a resident in Rosedale for over 3 years. During that time we have grown accustomed to the highest standard of care. Anne very much appreciates the courtesy, attention and patience from all the staff and also enjoys the excellent cuisine.”

Marie: Resident

“My family are very pleased with this place and they are happy about my being here. In fact they are so relaxed and reassured that they can get on with their own lives without any concern about my care. You are never alone for too long here because there is always someone popping in for a chat.”

Bridget: Resident

“I like it very much here and I find everyone so kind and helpful. The food is excellent and the staff are really nice. I know I would be very lonely in my own home and Rosedale feels like a home away from home for me. I love the company and I feel very safe.”

Liam: Resident

“I think Rosedale is fantastic – I didn’t think such a place existed to be honest. I think the staff are great and the food and cleanliness is of a very high standard. I am really really happy here.”

Harold: Resident

“I find it difficult to find anything wrong with this place. The food is good, the staff are great and I receive wonderful care and attention. I have no complaints and I’m very happy here.”

Margaret: Bungalow Resident

“After living in my bungalow for just a few weeks I realised how lucky I was. It is now my home, a very happy home, where I am surrounded by exceptionally good friends. I try to walk the lovely garden as often as possible, it is so peaceful watching the birds and listening to the flow of the river. I have complete independence in a secure and comfortable environment.”

Alice: Bungalow Resident

“I have occupied my bungalow for nearly 10 years and I am delighted that I decided to settle in Rosedale. The environment is friendly and the staff are helpful and always willing to oblige. There is a very happy atmosphere within the complex and I love being close to all of the parish and community facilities.”